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Cat fur coat from

Cat fur coat from

Cats are one of the funniest and most enjoyable thing in the world. Cats also a drug that stress can make our hearts be calm when playing with them.

But since the 13th century, many kingdoms and churches in Europe that use fur as one of their accessories. Cat hair are considered exotic and inexpensive.
In the centuries that many cat fur is produced in Belgium, even reportedly now in Belgium there are those who breed cats for their fur.
In addition to the thick fur for clothing in cold, cat fur was also used as a fashion for them.
The better the color and pattern, the more expensive price. One of the famous cat fur expensive in Eastern Europe is of a kind "Russian Blue" which has a bluish-silver hair

Talk about animal torture, China and Eastern Europe into a legal place for the leather industry is illegal in many countries.

Why illegal?
Because the leather industry that I am talking about here is not a crocodile, snake, or commonly farmed cattle.

Coat made of cat hair

China as the world's largest supplier of cat fur
According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), more than two million cats and dogs are sadistically skinned in China.
They are even skinning them alive fur or half dying. They grow fur because there were so many requests from American and European markets.
And back again is because a few dollars in their favor.

They think skinning a cat and dog fur alive easier than when in a state of death.
Their bodies are still warm so that the skin is still soft to be skinned. While most animals skinned it even still yowling and groaning in pain.
The workers even stepped on the head or pubic piercing is cute animals to be easy to be skinned. Then after it is skinned, the body of the cats were then thrown into a collection of other cats that meet the same fate and was covered in blood


The myth that developed in Europe

As I explained earlier that the use of cat fur in Europe already since the 13th century. Myth cat fur to treat various diseases that exist on the wearer.
Such as arthritis, rheumatism, and pain in the spine. But until now the myth has never been proven despite a lot of advanced treatment methods which can overcome these diseases.

Other countries that still legalized

Besides China, there are other countries that are known to produce and legalize this inhumane industry.
Those countries are Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Scandinavia, Australia, and England.
Secret investigations conducted in these countries by the HSUS (Humane Society of the USA) for 2 years to get results very surprising. They found hundreds of cats kept in a cramped, dirty cages.
To get these cats, they can catch it on the streets or abducted pet cat. If they get a cat kind of rare or pretty hairy, usually they'll put in a special place because the price will be very expensive.
British police reported that kidnapping cats more intense as this, while in many countries feral cats are still a lot of hunting going to be taken fur.

Cat Islam

In the curriculum vitae of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, we are told that he has a cat named Mueeza. Mueeza is a very funny cat and submissive.

Once upon a time when the Prophet Muhammad wanted to take his mantle, Mueeza was sleeping on his robe sleeve. Then he cut the sleeves of his robes who slept Mueeza for the cat did not wake up.
When the Prophet returned to the house, woke up and ducked Mueeza prostration to her employer. In return, the Prophet by gently stroking the cat's tiny body 3 times.

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