Minggu, 22 Mei 2011


People, when and wherever they are, cannot live without water. They need water for dringking, cooking, bathing, etc. They need it for their daily lives. A man should drink more or less five litters of water everyday.
Since water is very important both for domestic need as mentioned above, and industrial need, people should keep their environments and avoid them from pollution, esprcially that concerns with the source of clean water. If it is polluted, diseases are easy to attack people.
There are two sources of water. The first one is ground water. Which is usually clean, especially when the source is far from industrial centre. In villages, people dig wells everywhere to fulfill their daily needs of clean water. It is easy for them to live near a large forest of a jungle in order to get clean water. A dense forest or jungle with many roots and humus keeps and spings a lot of water needed by people.
In cities, it is more expensive to getground water because people should drill and set a pump. Sometimes, they run the risk of getting polluted water of the indusrial waste.
Surface water from a river, a lake or a damp is processed by a water company. It is a distributed to houses, factories, hotels, through long pipes.

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