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May 20 national day of resurrection

May 20 national day of resurrection

In order to commemorate National Awakening Day May 20, it helps us recall the history of our nation, which began with the birth of the first nationalist movement Boedi Oetomo on 20 May 1908, nearly a hundred years ago. This national movement led by Dr. Soetomo in Jakarta. With the encouragement Boedi Oetomo birth to this, then SI was born, in 1912, under the leadership of Haji OS Tjokroaminoto with Haji Agus Salim and Abdul Muis. In 1912 it was born is also one of the most important political movement, namely the Indische Partij dimpimpin by Douwes Dekker (Dr. Setiabudhi), RM Suwardi Suryaningrat and Dr. Tjipto Mangunkusumo. In 1913, the party was banned by the Dutch colonial government and its leaders were rounded up and then dumped in exile.

In the aftermath of this development, then in 1914 an organization was born in Semarang berfaham left (communists), the Indische Sociaal Democratic Vereeniging (ISDV) under the leadership of Sneevliet and Semaun. In the year 1920 (May 23) ISDV has been changed to the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), with the leadership Semaun too. In the struggle against Dutch colonialism, the PKI has sparked rebel in Banten, Jakarta and Yogyakarta in 1926, and later also in West Sumatra in 1927. After the rebellion was suppressed by the Dutch colonial administration, the leadership and thousands of PKI members were arrested, and later into exile in red soil.

Armed with the above history, it's time we as a society Indonesia unite to rebuild a country for several years has continuously given the trials and calamities, and rampant criminal cases from the start made by people who perkenomiannya weak even to the officials constantly stealing state assets Indonesia. Therefore, let's start of National Awakening Day this year with their introspection. Let's fix both moral of each of us and also moral Indonesian society as a whole, so our expectations, with good morals of society, then our beloved country is going to be good also.

In addition to good morals, that is no less important is the issue of education in our country. With this moment of National Awakening Day, let us equally contributing and best solutions to build Indonesia's education is good and qualified. Due to the moral good of human resources and has a good quantity and quality of the Indonesian nation can rise up into a good and dignified nation.

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