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that should be avoided after meals

that should be avoided after meals

1. Drinking cold water
drink cold water:

Cold temperatures caused ice water with which berkondesasi verifiable freeze the food, which contains primarily oil (fat will be frozen). Pd Until finally it can build up fat Dlm mngakibatkan narrowing of the intestine and digestive ducts and lead to obesity pd. Well, for that from now on try changing the banality of ice water you drink with warm water to drink.

2. Eating fruits
eating fruits:

After the food into the stomach, the stomach takes 1-2 hours to digest, if after eating and then eat the fruit, the fruit will be hampered by the foods it had already eaten, akibat.a fruits can not be digested normally. If prolonged, will mnyebabkan symptoms of abdominal bloating, diarrhea or constipation and excess stomach acid.

3. Tea
for drinking tea:

It is collapsible dilute sap of the stomach, consequently affecting the digestion of food. In addition, many tea leaves contain tannins (acid Tannates), if you drink tea shabis eat, will make a protein that had not done together with digested stomach acid and form a sediment Tannates Unresponsive easily digested, thus affecting the absorption of protein. Tea is also collapsible hamper iron absorption, if circumstances so prolonged symptoms of anemia interchangeable because less iron.

4. Smoke

Dangers of eating smoked shabis 10-fold larger than a typical day! This dikrnakan circulatory digestive tract after eating pd increased, resulting in a large number of cigarettes which contain Dlm not good for health is absorbed, so that it can damage the liver, brain and heart blood vessels and cause other diseases jg on those aspects related to this.

5. Relax their belts
relax their belts:

Relax their belt after a meal, even though it feels more comfortable, but it can cause abdominal cavity Dlm pressure drop, which force the stomach down. If the habit is then carried out, it will actually decrease gastric disease or cause bowel twisted and blocked

6. Bath

The volume of blood flow outwardly of the body will increase, and the volume of blood flow and gastric intestinal tract pd will be reduced, thus making the gastrointestinal tract function weakened, and mnyebabkan bad digestion.

7. Sports

The increased volume of interchangeable body motion affects the digestive tract of nutrient uptake. Especially the elderly, weakened heart function, blood vessel constriction, Byk meal will run once the symptoms develop decreased blood pressure and other symptoms

8. Karaoke

After the meal we enlarged stomach contents, stomach wall becomes thinner, the volume of blood flow increases, as such, singing interchangeable making body ronga bulkhead moved down, load the abdominal cavity increases, if the light will mnyebabkan bad digestion, and if severe it can cause interference pd stomach and other symptoms.

9. Driving a vehicle
driving a vehicle:

Prone to accidents if after eating kmudian running vehicle. This is because the stomach and intestines after eating a large amount of blood needed Dlm digest food, which resulted in major organs of the brain is deprived of blood for a while, with this dmikian verifiable cause operational errors Dlm brkendaraan.

10. Jump to sleep

One thing to avoid is difficult PLG drowsiness once the meal. Moreover, if the food had just consumed a very satisfying stomach in another sense very filling. However, ill try to follow your drowsiness. Sleep account after eating a meal is not digested properly verifiable. As a result, intestinal bloating and inflammation.

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