Kamis, 19 Mei 2011



We are now lying between Karawang-Bekasi
can not shout "Merdeka" and take up arms again.
But who can no longer hear us roar,
we imagined and mendegap advanced liver?

We talked to you in silence in the lonely night
If the chest feeling empty and a ticking clock
We die young. Living bone covered with dust.
Remember, we recall.

We've tried what we could
But work was not completed, yet can take into account the meaning of thousands of lives 4-5

We just scattered bones
But it is yours
You're more to determine the value of the bones scattered

Or our souls floated to victory and hope of independence
or not for nothing,
We do not know, we no longer can say
You're the one now who say

We talked to you in silence in the lonely night
If there is a sense of emptiness and a ticking clock

Remember, we recall
Forward, forward our souls
Keeping Bung Karno
keep the Bung Hatta
keep Bung Sjahrir

We now dead
Give us the meaning of
Guard continues at the statement boundary line and dream

Remember, we recall
living bones covered with dust
Thousands of us lying between Krawang-Used

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