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During the last two decades of 20th century, Indonesian tourism was really a good business. A lot of foreigners from many countries find Indonesia as a very nice place to visit because there are many interesting places to enjoy such as Bali, Borobudur, Ancol, Yogyakarta Palace, Lake Toba, Mount Bromo, West Sumatra, etc.
Ancol, in North Jakarta, is very popular. It offers attractive entertainments such as dancing, music, animals show, beach, swimming pool, etc. Dufan display fantastic entertainments.
Tugu Monas (National Monument), at the center of Merdeka Square in Central Jakarta, is well-known. It is 137 meters high. On the top there is a special structure of fire flame which is made of alloy coated with pure gold of 35 kilogramme weight. The Indonesian stuggle and spirit of independence are symbolised by the flame. The picture of the Indonesian heroes are displayed at the base of the Monument.
Lake Toba is an interesting mountain resort with Samosir island in the middle. It is located in the center of he Bukit Barisan mountain range in North Sumatra.
Borobudur is a gigantic shrine of Buddhism in Central Java. It lies in north-west of Yogyakarta. It is also well-known as one of the seven world miracle.
Some people say that Bali is the heaven of the world because of its nice places to visit. The Balinese tradition is unique and interesting. Its culture is influenced by Balinese Hinduism. Balinese traditional customs is family and community life are influenced by the religion, Balinese Hinduism.
There are many small islands in Maluku with nice beaches. Magnificent underwater gardens can be found there. People can see great varieties of colour fishes through glass installed at the bottom of boats or by diving.
There are still many interesting places in Indonesia, such as Bogor Botanical Garden, Tangkuban Perahu creater, Parang Tritis beach, etc.

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